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The Long Island Cat Project is a network of educational and directional information helping feral cat rescuers, care givers and individual citizens on Long Island to implement a humane and effective solution toward resolving the feral cat problem on Long Island. TNR; Trap Neuter and Return is a proven successful option and sound solution for the control and reduction of feral cat populations. This web site provides you with a network of contact resources who will help. As individuals, the task is more difficult. As a network, you are part of a team effort, working together and helping one another. More can be accomplished, with less effort in a reduced amount of time.

Thisnetwork evolved from the realization that there were a great number of dedicated individuals, on Long Island, who were all acting independently, with the same goal in mind; to help resolve the feral and stray cat problem on Long Island through implementation of TNR; Trap, Neuter, Return. 

What they were not aware of was each other, and thereby, they were not sharing their resources on how to most efficiently accomplish their goals. 

They were not aware of each others:

- trap sources.
- participating low cost Veterinarians, who would work on feral cats at a reduced cost to the rescue persons,
- mobile spay/neuter vans
- financial resources; those organizations which were supplying free or low cost spay/neuter certificates,
- trappers, transporters, foster's and adoption connections.

Most new comers, wanting to get involved in helping to correct this community issue, in fact, had to self educate themselves on the issue and learn through trial and error.

Thus, it became apparent that an entity was needed which could supply the information necessary to accomplish the desired goal of resolving this social issue on Long Island. That entity became known as the, " Long Island Cat Project". 

The LI Cat Project is not an individual or a small group, it is a network which, through continual input from all participants, continues to grow with informative and necessary information for all to share
and benefit from.  The real benefactor, from this team effort, of course, are the cats.

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