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Because the LI Cat Project is a Network of many Individuals and Organizations, working together to help resolve the feral and stray cat problem on LI, we suggest that you donate to the resource of your choice; who educated you, directed you, and assisted you during your initial involvement; when you first began to seek out meaningful information and assistance to help these abandoned Felines. 

It is the volunteer trappers, rescuers and care givers, in the trenches, as well as  private humane organizations and animal shelters, that make themselves available to help you, help the cats.  It is the resources and their network of these Individual Volunteers, who make the difference.  Without these contacts, who would you turn to, where would you get help, how would you accomplish what you have done?  Give them a call, thank them and send them a donation. Without donations, their unselfish work will not stop, but it will significantly diminish, affecting our ability to make a difference, as well as help many more Felines born wild.

Check out our rescue resources for contact information.

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