*Ear Tipping Feral Cats www.myvetonline.com/drsenk

Give a copy of this procedure to the Veterinarian who is doing the spay/neuter and request ear tipping. There should be no charge for this identification procedure.

*Ear tipping is the universally accepted method for identifying neutered feral cats in controlled colonies.
Procedure: 3/8" inch of the top of the left ear removed with a straight cut. Proportionately less for kittens

*it is the straight edge on the top of the ear that is identifying, not the amount removed.
Thereby, only 3/8 inch of ear tip need be removed.

1. The ears are examined for ear mites, cleaned and treated
( milbemite; milbemycin - novartis , acarexx; ivermectin - idexx,
or 0.1 ml eqvalan; L.A. ivermectin injectable solution into each ear)

2. The tip of the left ear is given a sterile scrub after placing cotton at the entrance of the canal so that no excess prep solution runs down into the ear canal.

3. A straight hemostat is held across the top 3/8 inch of
the left ear, applying gentle pressure.
Do not clamp the hemostat closed or crushing tissue damage may result beneath the ear tip.

4. The top 3/8 inch of the left ear is cut off straight across the
top using a straight edge sharp scissors.
( there is less bleeding when using scissors than with using a scalpel blade)

5. A hemostatic paste, ( kwik stop ), which has been prepared ahead of time with lidocaine and epinephrine, to make a thick paste, is applied across the cut surface with a Q - tip.
This will lessen the pain and resultant head shaking after recovery.

6. This paste will immediately stop the bleeding once the gentle
pressure of the hemostat is removed.
If bleeding does occur, apply more kwik stop and if needed, reapply pressure for a short time.

Care givers, who feel that ear tipping is disfiguring, should be convinced of the benefits of being able to identify a cat as having been spayed or neutered should they be trapped again.
Animal control agents also recognize that the cat is neutered and comes from a managed colony so may be less likely to remove the cat.   It also makes new intact cats, entering the colony, more easily identifiable for trapping and neutering.
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