long island ny, li, free and low cost spay and neuter vets on the island for feral and stray cats and kittens.  Help feral cat colonies.  affordable vet care.  new york,
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Nassau County

Dr. Laura Gay Senk, Farmingdale
908 Conklin Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Contact:  p. 516 626-3090  631 694-5454   Email: drsenk@aol.com  

NSAL - North Shore Animal League, Port Washington

Spay / Neuter Program 
Contact:   Jean Spirakis  Email: jeans@nsalamerica.org   OR
Liz Peskowitz  Email: Lizp@nsalamerica.org
p. 516 883-7579 Option 1    p. 516 883-7900 Ext. 268  OR Ext 822
www.nsalamerica.org   Click on Low cost spay/neuter for next date and information

Catnip and Carrots
Contact: Dr. Jennifer Saver 516 877-7080
     2221 hillside Ave.
     New Hyde Park, NY 11070

Broadway Veterinary Care, Hewlett
Contact:  Dr. Glenda Wexler   p. 516 374-5050
   1st Sunday each month feral cat low cost program.

Bayville Animal Clinic
38 Bayville Ave
Bayville, NY 11709
516 628 2634

East Village Green Animal Hospital, Levittown

Contact:  Dr. Evan Blonder  p. 516 579-0909 
4 East Village Green, , NY 11756   www.Eastvillagevet.com

LI Cat Project Suffolk SPCA Mobile Spay/Neuter Van for Feral
and Stray Cats

Call HUB "LICKS", Nancy Vogt 516 431-8794
Email: nvogtgiraffe@yahoo.com
SPCA Mobile Spay/Neuter Van Events ( All cats and dogs )
Call Suffolk SPCA 631 382-7722 Email: Hrman54@aol.com
Events Coordinator

Long Island Animal Hospital, Westbury

Contact:  Dr. Rothman  p. 516 333-0400  
Suffolk County

Long Island Animal Surgery, Patchogue
Contact: Dr. Mary Harrison  p. 631 627-6900
305 Roe Blvd., Patchogue NY 11772

Island Rescue, Bayshore

Contact: Dr. Dr. Jacqueline Perkins  p. 631 968-8700

East Islip Veterinary Group  East Islip

Contact:  Dr.David Hadland   p. 631 277-8700

Shinnecock Animal Hospital, Hampton Bays

Contact:  Dr. David Hadland p. 631 723-0500

Kent Animal Shelter, Calverton
Contact:  p. 631 727-5731   www.kentanimalshelter.com
   Free spay / neuter periodically throughout the year; check

Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter & Adoption Center
Contact  p. 631-286-4940 www.brookhaven.org/animalshelter  Affordable Veterinary Clinic - p. 631.286-4965  Offers Low cost spay/neuter program for feral cats.

Save A Pet Animal Shelter

Contact: 631 473-6333  saveapetNY@yahoo.com 
*Feral Cat Low Cost Spay / Neuter Program on premise.  Able to hold before and after surgery.

Animal Clinic at Southdown, Huntington
Contact:  Dr. Jeffrey Broderick   p. 631 427-7321
   *Must state you are from the LI Cat Project, Dianne Farella HUB    


Contact:   Bob Aversano  p. 631 382-7722 
Email:  raversano@scspca.us
Hrman54@aol.com  John Spampinato - event coordinator


ASPCA Mobile Van free spay/neuter for feral cats
Contact:  212 876-7700 Ext 4303
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