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If you don't see a trapper on the list in your general area you can also try contacting one of our HUBS for Trapping assaitance

Before you contact a trapper please note the following:
  • Trappers trap for TNR; Trap, Neuter, RETURN. They do not permanently remove cats from an area.
  • If you cannot find a trapper in your area see the  HUBS section and check with the individual HUBS in your area for available additional Trappers not listed below.
  • Trappers, listed below, will assist individuals who are inexperienced or in need of help.
  • Trappers may transport cats to and from the Veterinarian, depending on your need. It may be necessary, and only fair, to reimburse them for their fuel expenses.
  • Trappers can direct you to transport and pick up the cat, at the participating low cost  Veterinarian, once the Trapper has caught the cat for you.  Work this detail out, with the Trapper, ahead of time, after evaluating the drop off and pick up times from the individual  Veterinarians.
  • Trappers DO NOT pay the Veterinarian.  You must give the Trapper a check or cash for  payment of Veterinary Services, if they are transporting the cat on your behalf.
  • Some Trappers may take the cats to participating Low Cost Veterinary services discuss this with them before hand.
  • Trappers are Knowledgeable regarding feral and stray cats and TNR as a humane means to reduce their numbers. If you have questions or concerns, ASK.

Nassau County 

Baldwin                    Barbara Palm    631.398.9604  Western Nassau south of Hicksville
                                   ***Until further notice, Barbara will only be trapping known males.
                                   *Coordinator for cat colonies in Farmingdale 

Island Park             "LICKS     516 431-8794   nvogtgiraffe@yahoo.com
Traps for Loan, Trappers Available, Able to hold before and after surgery for
                                   recuperation, Able to transport to and from the Veterinarian, Adoptions.

Massapequea        Lee Lechner   516. 541.4944  and many areas of LI, ask.

Nassau       Joanne Monez  516.967.4648   Allabtspayneuter@aol.com

                                 Traps for Loan, Trappers and Transporters Available, Able to hold before and after
                                  surgery for recuperation, Adoptions

Suffolk County      

Babylon                    Carolyn Ortiz   631-957-7886   CtheCatTrapper@aol.com
                        Babylon and surrounding areas.
           Gloria Wachholder  by email only  Glamourgirls2@hotmail.com Feral Feline & Friends
  Traps for Loan, Trappers and Transporters Available, Able to hold before and after
                                  surgery for recuperation, Can hold injured for rehabilitation, Adoptions.


Dix Hills        
Diane Farella, snip tuck hub, H 631 385-2449 

Ronkonkoma          Dawn Reilly
                631 981-6367

Can't find a Trapper in your area?  Check out our Rescue Resources section and contact the HUB closest to your area for assistance. 

If you're an experineced trapper and would like to be listed to our list of trapper so that you can help and train others in your area please contact us.
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